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Community Project (1)

Resource type Essential mathematics for biologists, medics and vets
Essential mathematics for biologists, medics and vets is a resource contributed to the mathcentre Community project by Jenny Koenig, Cambridge University. It contains online tutorials, text based resources, quiz questions and tests.

Quick Reference (1)

Resource type Mathematical Symbols and Abbreviations
This leaflet provides information on symbols and notation commonly used in mathematics. It shows the meaning of a symbol and, where necessary, an example and an indication of how the symbol would be said. For further information from mathcentre resources, a search phrase is given. This Quick Reference leaflet is contributed to the mathcentre Community Project by Janette Matthews and reviewed by Tony Croft, University of Loughborough.

Third Party Resources (1)

Resource type biomathtutor
biomathtutor presents students with a filmed bioscience-based scenario and guides them through some of the mathematics they need to understand and grow confident and competent in using routinely. The case-study scenario, covering practical aspects of haematology and microbiology, is presented via a narrated film, 24 min in length, but divided up into short sections. The film tracks the diagnosis and treatment of a student with anaemia and a throat infection and links the clinical findings and diagnoses to 33 interactive questions and relevant maths tutorials. An additional 24 interactive questions cover the same range of basic mathematical concepts presented in similar biological contexts, with a view to reinforcing students' learning. biomathtutor was developed by Vicki Tariq (University of Central Lancashire), John Heritage and Tom Roper (University of Leeds), Andrew Bond (University of Westminster), Mike Tribe (University of Sussex) and the EBS Trust. It was funded by HEFCE through its National Teaching Fellowship Scheme. This resource is released under a Creative Commons license Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works and the copyright is held by EBS Trust 2006. NOTE: This resource has been tested on a Windows platform with Internet Explorer. There are known problems with Firefox and/or Apple systems.